Title: Problems with eutrophicated water treatment


Keywords: eutrophication, water treatment

Abstract: This article concerns problems with the eutrophicated water treatment process. The main thread of the article is dedicated to some causes and risks which are associated especially with many organisms living in polluted reservoirs. The main threat in particular comes from the toxic substances produced by Cyanophyta that is directly connected with its living processes which complicates the whole water treatment process. The presence of Cyanophyta in water is a source of organic carbon and contributes to disinfection by-products. This work provides the examples of improving water treatment technology for water with excessive number of phytoplankton.

APA style references: Domańska, M., Wiercik, P. & Idzikowski, R. (2009). Problems with eutrophicated water treatment. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 18 (3), 56-64.

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Domańska, Wiercik & Idzikowski, 2009), next citation: (Domańska et al., 2009)

Chicago style references: Domańska, Magdalena, Paweł Wiercik, Rafał Idzikowski. "Problems with eutrophicated water treatment." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 45 ser., vol. 18, no 3, (2009): 56-64.

Chicago style citation in text: (Domańska, Wiercik, and Idzikowski 2009)

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